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I’ve often been called the “Queen of Widgets”.  People ask me questions from “What is the best for x, y or z?” to “How do you run your business?”.

So, just for you, I’ve compiled many of my favorite business resources.
These tools you need to succeed are what I use to run my own business and that I teach the super awesome people I work with everyday.



If you are working with a team, or if you just want to get better organized with your projects (or even just your weekly schedule), I recommend this easy-to-use program.  It is a project management program that is completely web-based, with the ability to download a mobile app in the iTunes or Android store.  The best part…they have a FREE version to start.


Have you created a new online course? Have a recipe you want to share with your customers? Do you simply want to attract more people you can help? LeadPages is a great “all-in-one” tool that lets you create awesome landing pages to promote your biz, and it’s crazy easy to use.

Monetize Thyself

Monetize ThyselfHave you started a business and need a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a Privacy Policy or even an Independent Contractor Agreement?  Meet my Mentor, Nicole Walters, an energetic, smart and super fun Entrepreneur.  I’ve learned and incorporated her teachings and resources into my own business to enable me to create the content that I share with you each and every day.  



The Desire Map Planner

Created by the amazing Danielle LaPorte, this planner was a game changer for me.  Not only do you get inspiring words of wisdom from Danielle each day, you can also keep track of what is priority and what is not.  This is not your ordinary schedule planner.  It has been carefully designed to keep you focused on how you want to “feel” and “not feel” on a daily basis and stay connected to what success truly means to you.




SmartLife PUSH Journal

SmartLife Push JournalI love this planner from the super smart, super fun Chalene Johnson (one of my first mentors).  If you are laser focused on achieving your goals, this is a great tool.  It is created to help you “block” each hour of your day, track your nutrition and fitness activities and help you achieve your goals.  If you’ve worked with me you know I’m BIG on brainstorms and breaking your goals into actionable pieces…AND this planner is PERFECT for that!





Meet Edgar

I love this social media scheduler especially if you’re a busy Entrepreneur or Business Owner.  The ease of use for scheduling posts, all the resources available to you inside and the ability to categorize and re-purpose your content on a schedule you create is amazing!  Plus, when you’re in a bind and stuck, the support that is available is top notch.  Try it for yourself…you will LOVE it!


When I tell people about this, the response is always “Canvas?” No, Canva. As soon as you start using it, you will love it!  If you don’t know Photoshop, or feel that you’re not great with graphic design, this program will be your new best friend.  From creating social post graphics, e-books, flyers and more, the sky is the limit for your business! Start with the FREE version and move to the paid version as soon as you start to build your team.


This is a MUST have for any business.  It is an easy, web based platform to use for safe digital file storage.  The file structure management in the system is great, and you can easy upload and store any files.  It is also equipped with encryption to keep your files secure.  Not near your computer? No problem. Download the app to remotely load files.

Acuity Scheduling

This is a great tool for any consulting, health and wellness or really any business where you want customers to be able to purchase and schedule appointments.  It is an easy to use, web based platform that integrates with various other software such as Outlook, Quickbook, MailChimp, Google Analytics and much more!  If you have a WordPress site the integration is super easy…especially if you aren’t a “techy wiz”.  Not near your computer? No problem. Check out Acuity Scheduling here!