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Get ready to start breathing LIFE {and magic} back into your brand and YOU.


a new perspective on marketing and business strategy

hello, I’m Theresa.

I’m an innovative problem solver, a brand and marketing strategist, an eternal optimist, a creative thinker, and a lover of fitness and food (my all-time favorite is a juicy cheeseburger).

More than that, I am a stepmom and an everyday girl from the country who loves music, dancing (my nickname is Dancing Queen) and above all — people. Using my own life experiences, struggles and successes, coupled with almost 20 years of Marketing and Business Development experience, I want to make a difference in the lives of others by showing them how to beat burnout and take something they thought was impossible and make it 100% possible.

Yup. Transformation is possible!

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I’m about to save you a lot of time, heartache, and money.

How would it feel if you could:
> Revitalize your business (and passion for it) without any “salesy” tactics?
> Figure out where to start and the exact steps to take to re-invent your brand?
> Sleep soundly at night (zzzz!) because you have clear direction as to what to do?
> Finally hit the ground running instead of over-analyzing everything?

AND, believe you could:
> Increase profits by attracting your absolute ideal customer.
> Set up a blog in 5 days and know exactly what you want to post for the rest of the year.
> Set up a successful Facebook ad campaign and Sales Funnel {and know what that is!}.
> Discover a simple daily and weekly routine that will keep you motivated.

When you know that no boundaries exist, that is when you are truly free.
~ Pharrell

Working With Me

The resources I create and share are designed to inspire you to be innovative, creative and dedicated to building a business (and life!) that allows you to thrive.

If you do the work, and continue to show up, the masterpiece you are creating will begin to unfold.

You invest in YOU.

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Get ready to sift through all of the chaos that is out there.

We start from the foundation. In my “6 Steps to Re-energize Your Business” training, I’ll guide you through the most important steps to get you started to gain clarity and SIMPLY reinvigorate your passion for your business.