Are you ready to become a confident visionary leader and step into the role of CEO in your business?

Enter: The C-Suite Mentorship, an intensive program designed to help you make an impact, grow your profits, and scale your business effortlessly.


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Does that picture seem like one you’ve been painting? If so, I can promise you that you’re not alone.

let me paint a picture for you...

You’re functioning in a big mess of chaos, knee-deep in everything from cash flow problems to bad team dynamics.

You’re constantly worrying about what the state of the world and economy might do to your business.

You’re struggling to find clarity in what you do, and you’re really struggling to find clarity in your “why?”

You’re unsure of how to prioritize the needle movers (and you’re not sure what they are).

You’ve ended up with a business that feels complicated, even though you’ve spent a ton of time trying to simplify things.

Pain Points

And I can promise you that you can paint a picture a lot more like this one:


You feel organized, streamlined, and ready to take on the day — every day. The cash flow problems are non-existent, your team is healthy, and your business is consistently scaling.


You’re aware of the world around you, but you’ve built a recession-proof, fear-proof business.


You feel clear on your mission, your values, and your “why?” — and that feeling is strong, every single day.


You know what to prioritize, you know what’s in your Zone of Genius, and you know what will make an actual impact in your business.


In the C-Suite Mentorship, I’ll teach you step-by-step blueprints and easy solutions to get you to that better picture — because your business should serve your life… not the other way around.


A custom 12-month 1:1 consulting and mentorship program that will help you overhaul your operations, increase your revenue, and get more freedom back in your life.

This program is built on a proven framework that gives you the missing link between profitability, people and your vision. We do this by implementing the systems and strategies required to build operational excellence upon which you can scale exponentially, build a highly profitable business, and co-create your vision with a high-impact team that gives you freedom and peace of mind. 

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Here’s what you get inside of the C-Suite MentorSHIP:

  • COO (aka second in command) who can think and take action to run the business like clockwork without you being there

  • Clear picture of where you want to take your business with growth-oriented goals, and an actionable plan to make it happen

  • Developed and implemented standard operations processes that align your team, your workflow, and your technology to streamline your business

  • Full understanding of all KPIs and metrics for the business so you can partner with your internal and external team to create results

  • Aligned, self-led, growth-focused, high-impact team that can build a people-centric culture throughout your organization
  • Knowledge of how to ideate, build, and execute projects within your business that keep you above the rest of your industry

  • Strong and healthy financial foundation to scale your profitability and make sound business decisions

  • Full marketing and visibility plan that is executed within your team to allow exponential growth while also building a stronger customer experience

  • Deep relationship with your customers by blending digital technology with the beauty of a live experience

  • A seat in my Business Advisory Board program

  • Regain 40 to 50 hours back in your month so you can build your next idea (or take that long-overdue vacation!)
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Build Your Legacy

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I’m Theresa Cantley, and as a fellow CEO with over 25 years of business experience, 

I understand the overwhelming process of growing and scaling a business. 

  • I help small businesses scale to 7 figures and beyond
  • I've helped CEOs increase their profitability, accelerate their revenue, and get more personal time in their lives (over 10 hours a week to be exact!)
  • I've mentored COOs to create operational efficiencies by aligning the right processes, people, and priorities 

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What My Clients Are Saying...

“The work we did with Theresa was instrumental in bringing our vision and values together in how we operate our business.”

-Jake Adams, CEO and Founder of Simplifi EDU

“I found Theresa when I couldn't get the momentum to get my business going, and she gave me all the tools and tips to build out my vision.”

-Katy Hommes, Founder of RYN

“Sometimes you just feel like you’re floundering out there and you’re looking for a lifeline and that is exactly what working with Theresa was like; She was our lifeline.“

– Kenny Fisher, Co-Founder of Fatt-E Bikes

Build higher profits, step into your confidence, align the right team, and achieve peace in your business — starting today.

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