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Episode 179 – Your Mindset is All You Need to Grow Your Local Business


Like many people who become entrepreneurs, Linda Perry started out her professional working career doing all of the things she thought she was supposed to be doing. Go to school for law, become successful, make parents proud. And while she admired the work she did as a lawyer, she always felt a stronger passion calling to her, one that would help people achieve the dreams they always wanted; She wanted to become a mindset coach. 

Success is little about the tactics and strategies we use to get there, because without the mindset that is ready to take on all that comes with entrepreneurship, they are useless tools. It’s about how you approach each day, deciding whether or not to let your fears and doubts consume you or tell them to get lost because you have goals to meet. Your mind has the power to do amazing and seemingly unconceivable things, you just have to believe that you can. 

In today’s episode, Theresa and mindset coach Linda Perry discuss: 

  • How getting “stuck” is actually an opportunity 
  • Putting money as the last thing you think about in your business 
  • Changing your relationship with your fears 
  • Predicting your future by starting with the choices you make today 

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