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Episode 178 – What’s in Store for Brick and Mortar in 2023


The state of business in the last few years has been…unpredictable to say the least. Many business owners had to deal with shutting down, preparing to re-open after months of little or no income, only to be shut down once again, navigating the different loan forgiveness options, deal with inflation prices, re-open once more, all while losing customers to online retailers along the way. It’s been quite the rollercoaster ride. 

Today, Theresa talks about how our fears can keep us from moving forward. People want to “go back” to how things used to operate, to fall back into old ways instead of improving and powering forward into the unknown. 

Local businesses are the backbone of any economy and will always persevere through any state of it. It’s up to the business owners themselves, however, to not waver in hard times, but to adapt to the current circumstances they find themselves in and figure out how to push past these adversities in order to see the success they want for themselves and business owners like them all around the world. 

It’s all about perspective. If you choose to see the situation you’re in as impossible to get out of or move past, then odds are you won’t. Your mind remains and functions in that fear mode and paralyzes you from taking the proper steps to get back on track. But if we simply break that habit, that mindset of fear and self-doubt, we’ll be able to think more clearly and focus on what really matters: our vision and how we are going to make it happen. 

In today’s episode, Theresa discusses: 

  • How recessions won’t last forever, and recession “proofing” your business is only a temporary fix 
  • Turning your focus towards building a relationship with the customer and catering to the experience they really want will drive more people through your doors rather than trying to simply push product 
  • Innovation doesn’t always mean working harder, sometimes it’s about simplifying things 

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