Business Mistakes

Episode 15 – The Top 5 Mistakes I’ve Made In My Business That Held Me Back




Mistakes are actually the best thing we can make when we are growing our business. Start something and make mistakes because you can always get back up and learn valuable lessons to make it better the next time. If you think about it, mistakes and failures are only as you frame them in your own mind. But when you’re in the middle of the mistakes they seem like they are the worst thing ever and are insurmountable. When we are building and scaling our business inevitably we will make mistakes, many mistakes. Our interest gets us started but it’s our grit, determination and unwavering dedication that keeps us going to finding new discoveries, even when it gets really tough (and no doubt it will get tough). In this episode I’m sharing the 5 biggest mistakes I’ve made in my business over the years, which I’ve learned are the biggest mistakes many business owners have made. I’m also sharing the 5 best decisions I’ve made in my business and how the 5 biggest mistakes led me to making these decisions.

Mistakes are actually what happens when we are taking imperfect action and imperfect action is what moves us closer to what we want to accomplish. I believe they are really inventions waiting to be created and an invitation to finding a solution and discovering a brand new way.


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