Next Generation of Business

Episode 24 – What is the next generation of business? Plus lessons from a Mastermind



You’ve probably heard the terms “the next generation business” or even the “experience economy”. Both go hand in hand and both are super important to pay attention to. The next generation of business is not about focusing on promoting a product or service but more about the value and transformation you provide to your customers. The bigger the value and transformation, the higher the differentiation of the business. The next generation of business really has five key things that are important to embrace in your business especially when creating a signature experience.   

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. The 5 things you need to bring your business into the next generation so you can thrive.
  2. What is the experience economy and why is it important for your business? 
  3. The top 3 lessons that I’ve learned from joining a mastermind and how that relates to bringing your business into the next generation.

It’s all about looking at things differently and shifting the paradigm of where you’ve been functioning. It’s owning who you are and what makes you unique to provide a transformation for your customers. 

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