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Episode 35 – About Being Brave

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Hello! I am feeling so much better, my voice is back, and I am ready to go today! So, let’s drink some coffee and tackle some big ideas!

I was planning on doing a totally different idea this week, but I had an important conversation in my mastermind group and decided to make a change, because I can do that!

I was having this important conversation with my mentor and discussion work and life and how there isn’t really a work life balance, there is just life and we push through. I have always been a petal to the metal kind of person, working through everyting. But, I have found over the last few years that I need to take a look at what my commitment is to, staying stuck and afraid, or am I committed to being brave?

So I was asked, what do you need to focus on to keep your momentum going. In typical me fashion I had listed out about 20 different things I was working on, new launches, new clients in my Restaurant Business Growth Formula, new employees, my book… my mentor told me, Theresa hit the pause button. And he repeated the question, What do you need to do RIGHT NOW to keep the momentum going and to get things done that you need to get done while giving yourself energy to do the things you need to do right now.

What is necessary?

I took some time to think about it, because I am really good at fixing everybody…but when it comes to myself I don’t have that same mentality, instead I just keep pushing through. But that day I took the time to sit there and think about it, typically I just keep moving, keep pushing forward. What is happening right now is I need surgery, and I am trying to deal with this and on top of this I am onboarding new team members and launching a new program, and keeping my schedule going with my 1:1 clients.

I just dwelled on this question and immersed myself in this idea. Right after my mastermind call, I received a call from one of my 1:1 clients and they were nervous about a change that was happening in their business. They have all these plans, and ideas, and things they want to do and there is this upheaval in their leadership roles. This client was freaking out about being a leader. I turned around and said the same thing that was just said to me, hit the pause button and think about what needs to happen right now in order to keep the momentum going. She was stunned. I found myself saying the same thing that I was thinking to myself. You need to be Brave!

You don’t need to be the best, or beat last years numbers, or everything else that is popping up in your head. NO, you need to recommit to being brave.

Just like our businesses go through seasons, so do we. We go through periods of ups and downs, and we need to decide where to spend our energy. That decision of what needs to happen can be scary and can take bravery. We always what to keep moving and bettering ourselves, BUT! There are times when you don’t need to work toward being better, sometimes we need to just be, and be brave.

Invest in new team members, look at your vision and slow down to expand your vision. You don’t always need to be doing big things, sometimes you need to just be.

When I had this conversation with my client…I thought to myself, thanks universe, I got the message!!

Taking a step back takes a lot of bravery. Sometimes being brave means letting go, or not handling the modifications of contacts, or not handling everything everyday. Instead I need to focus on letting my team members focus on their side of things to allow myself the time and space to look at my vision and focus on where I want to go.

Being brave also means getting my butt in gear to submit my information into TED talks, and speaker files into events I want to talk at. For me these realizations come to be when something “bad” happens in our lives that force us to slow down. The idea of slowing down to speed up. It’s life yelling at you to pay attention and refocus! These things are scary but they need to be done.

Sometimes I get so bogged down with all the creation of everything that I forget that I need to take a step back to be brave again. You need to be brave enough to go to the next level, get out of your comfort zone, and focus on what is absolutely necessary in order to keep that momentum or create that momentum again.

For my client, being brave was putting together and employee flow and put together the vision. Think deep about who you need in the leadership roles and that way she could focus on what she needed to do to be the visionary instead of dealing with the operational day to day stuff. For her being brave was relooking at the vision and what her staff looked like to see what she needed or who she needed to help her let go to get back to that vision.

When she was brave and looked at that employee flow she was able to see some employees who were really stepping up and moving the business forward. This let her have them step into new roles and push the business forward.

I remember when I first started in my business, I was creating all of these new products. From failures and some successes, I just kept creating and coming up with new strategies. It took a mentor saying to me NO! Cut it down and focus on just one thing instead of a million. I had everything I needed, I didn’t need new courses, or programs, or lectures… I just needed to be brave and trust in one thing and build my courage.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, especially if you are introverted, you can connect ideas more-so than people. This creates some super visions and new ideas. That is my speciality! Creating these new ideas and connecting these super skills and organizing them. The downfall is, we can have a ton of ideas but the world will never know about them if we aren’t brave and cut out all the noise and stuff and instead focus on what we have and put it out into the world. Life is your learning experience.

We learn by stepping into a new level that we previously thought wasn’t possible for us. WE can’t make a difference in the world, make a change, or being together these amazing ideas if we aren’t brave. Don’t run yourself ragged by hiding behind the “work you have to do” and instead stop and put yourself out there.

Expand your vision and do something different. We have just under 90 days in 2019, so I have a challenge for you. Stay committed to stay brave, Uplevel your business, yourself, your team, your community. Focus on making a difference. IF you can commit I can commit, we are going to be brave together and step into putting ourselves out there to make a difference.

Here is to feeding more souls to feed more bellies. Be well friends.

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