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3 Key Mistakes That Prevent Business Growth and How to Avoid Them

Don’t you wish sometimes someone would just tell you EXACTLY how to do it…

When you start your own business there are many people out there that tell you “do this and you’ll be successful” or this is exactly how you have to do it.

And you “all the things” and they don’t work. 

I’ve seen time after time small business owners thinking that they just have to work harder and longer to succeed.  They do the same thing they’ve been doing, expecting a different result, and that just doesn’t happen.  In reality the opposite happens, the business actually suffers and they burn out.

Over the years I’ve seen business owners make three key mistakes (including yours truly) that prevent business growth and moving them forward to achieving their dreams.

So do any of these sound familiar?

Mistake #1 Not have a clear, compelling vision for the future. If you want to go to the next level in your business you need to have a vision beyond where you are right now.  A vision is your road map to lead you on the path to success. Being able to visualize it every day is what’s going to drive you forward. You can’t base where you want to go in life on where you are right now because we are constantly changing and growing.  When you decide what you want for your business and you can articulate it clearly the more you will open the door for opportunity.

Mistake #2 Working longer hours thinking that will bring success. What ends up happening with this mistake? You become the bottleneck. You focus on the wrong things. When the business is struggling, and you don’t have revenue coming in, you don’t have a paycheck coming in, you think YOU need to just keep your head down and keep working. So many business owners think if they work harder and harder and harder, that they’ll get the results they want to get. And that just doesn’t happen. What does happen is burnout and that’s not a place you want to be. Learning how to build a good team (physically in your business or virtually) and figuring out what is a priority in your business is so important to growth.

Mistake #3 Not having a daily strategy to get stuff done. Have you ever gotten to the end of the day and thought “I haven’t gotten anything done but I’ve been so busy”.  When we have clear goals that connect directly to the vision you have for your business you can stay focused on what is really important.  Learning how to take small actionable steps each day towards a BIG impact is even more important to help you reach your goals faster without burning out or going in circles.  Small focused action beats lots of random busyness any day.

Believe me when I started my first business 10 years I made these same mistakes and along the way I learned a new and better way.  You think building your business starts with a new business strategy or a new plan but really it starts with you…it starts with changing how you think and the actions you take every day in your business.

If you can relate, here are 3 things you can start doing right now.

Three Lessons I’ve Learn to Help Avoid These Mistakes

Number one you must BE the person you need to be in your business before anything else.  When you are showing up as the best version of you, you feel good and the people around you feel good as well.

Second you need to believe in your ability to lead and build your business. If you don’t believe things are possible no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to make it happen.  You need to believe you are capable of doing hard things and achieving impossible goals that will make the future you want happen.

Third is don’t try to do everything at once. Break things in to small, actionable steps. Whatever you are trying to do, break it into small pieces so that you can stay consistent. Small consistent steps lead to big results and boosts our confidence…which we all need from time to time.

Remember, you weren’t intended to do this alone because after all it’s not about you.  It’s about what you are doing to leave your mark on this world and the people you are impacting in your community and in your life.

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