Welcome! I'm Theresa. 

I'm a innovative problem solver, a brand and marketing strategist, an eternal optimist, a creative thinker, and a lover of fitness and food (my all-time favorite is a juicy cheeseburger). 

More than that, I am a step mom and an everyday girl from the country who loves music, dancing (my nickname is Dancing Queen) and above all — people. Using my own life experiences, struggles and successes coupled with almost 20 years of Marketing and Business Development experience, I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others by showing them how to "beat burnout" and take something they thought was "impossible" and make it 100% "possible". Yes...transformation is possible.

My main belief in life is that if you believe in your own ability to figure something out— no matter what — you can achieve anything. Just ask my Dad. Being the youngest and most carefree of my three siblings (that's where all his gray hair comes from) I set out on crazy adventures and somehow, someway, I always figured out how to get through any situation.

What inspires and fascinates me most is when a simple brainstorm and some creativity can turn an idea into something real. When you embrace your creativity it enables you to create innovative solutions to build or grow your business. Once you implement simple systems and strategies to elevate your brand you connect to your desire and fire it up. You make it come to life. When you work at building that something you are completely connected to and are truly passionate about, it lights your soul on fire. It engages people and evokes emotion without you even being there...now that is magical. 

What's even more magical is finally being able to gain clarity and sift through all the overwhelm and chaos that may swirl around you — to be laser focused every day, enabling you to design a unique strategy that makes it all happen, on your own terms.

And what if someone showed you how to do it all step by step....imagine you could.. 

  • Increase profits by attracting your absolute ideal customer? 
  • Have a blog set up 5 days from now and know exactly what you want to post for the rest of the year? 
  • Have someone walk you through setting up a successful Facebook Ad Campaign and Sales Funnel? 
  • Discover a simple daily and weekly routine that will keep you motivated and stay laser focused and super productive while still enjoying life? 

What to Expect When You Work With Me

The resources I create and share are designed to inspire you to be innovative, creative and dedicated to building a business (and life!) that allows you to thrive. If you do the work, and continue to show up, the masterpiece you are creating will begin to unfold. When you invest in YOU, you can change the world, move mountains, and make a positive difference in this world. 


Be open to changing and shifting along the way. Be open to growth, to creating a life you design, and a business you love. 

In the world we create...transformation is possible.

Theresa Cantley

My Process of Discovery

Here's how we work together to gain clarity, build momentum and increase visibility for absolutely anything.

Gain Clarity

It is important to build a strong foundation right out of the gate. This is where we gain clarity on the key elements of your brand and start to create something that sets your soul on fire. Here is where we get clear on the What, Why and Who behind your business.

Build Momentum

This is the stage where we build momentum and move your dream forward. Discovering innovative solutions to create better systems and streamline workflow is key. We develop a unique strategy and set real-life, actionable goals.

Increase Visibility

Everything kicks into high gear as we increase your visibility with simple, easy, solid systems and creative marketing strategies that empower you.

Reflect & Enhance

It is always good practice to review and adjust any plan or goal. We will explore simple tools and metrics to use to see how amazing you are doing.