Author, mentor, two-time filmmaker, Ted Talk speaker, and long-time friend Denise Soler Cox joins me today to discuss what it really means to belong.

Over the years of doing hundreds of live, in-person engagements, she began to realize that everyone she spoke to wanted to talk about belonging. What does it mean to belong to something? What are the feelings around it and how is it even created? 

An individual’s dominant ideology, or the way they perceive the world, plays a huge role in this sense of belonging. The key is to be open to other people’s own ideologies and to not make snap judgements on someone who simply views the world differently than you. Creating environments of acceptance rather than exclusion benefit all parties involved and help us to have a better understanding of our fellow peers.  

When we allow our minds to be open and think freely and not let our initial instincts take over, we can all give each other a better sense of belonging. 

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