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Three Keys to Building Amazing Teams

Everybody wants great relationships and positive, authentic interactions with people. Whether we’re talking about managing people or talking about our relationships with friends and family – the main thing that will help us build amazing relationships is making sure the people in our life feel heard.

People want to be heard and know that what they say matters. Just as the famous quote says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, we want to learn to be that change and make those around us feel heard instead of disregarding what someone says or not being present when they’re speaking to us.

There are three things you need to master in order to elevate your relationships and build a strong team. When you implement these three things consistently in your business, your team will be inspired and motivated because what it ultimately comes down to, is that they know what they say matters to you. Whether or not their ideas are implemented, at least they’re being heard.

The 3 Keys to Elevating Your Relationships are:

  • Perspective: which has to do with mindset shift
  • Intention: having intention behind everything you do
  • Inspired action: the difference between having goals and having tasks.

Starting with perspective, a lot of people think that you need to force someone to see things your way. People may think they need to force or reprimand others on their team in order to get results when in fact, the opposite is true.

In both personal and business situations, our perspective is one of the most powerful and important things we must be aware of. We assign meaning to everything that happens – whether it’s positive or negative meaning. We have the ability to shift our mindset and create a positive and empowering perspective if we make the decision to walk in the world with a positive mindset. The more we stay present, listen to others and give each other our time while approaching things from a positive perspective, the more others are going to want to take action, participate and make things amazing.

Perspective is our powerful ability to shift our mindset – to not assign negative meaning to things in our minds. We have to take a moment to ask ourselves: Is this something I’m creating as negative in my mind or is this something I feel in my gut is negative? Is this something I need to act on?

Tony Robbins has a rule that when a thought crosses your mind, you give yourself 90 seconds to process it. Then, ask if it’s something you really need to act on or if it’s something you’ll let go because it doesn’t have positive meaning behind it.

Another way to look at perspective is to think of how we’ve always been told violets are blue. When you look at violets do you see what you’ve been told (blue) or do you see them for what they are (purple)? Perspective is powerful because when we’re able to let negative thoughts go, we are empowered by a positive mindset that helps us see things as they are.

Next, we have intention. I am big on this one! It doesn’t matter if you’re ringing up a customer in a store or putting together an email to send to clients… everything needs to have intention behind it.

I always teach people to begin with intention and then think about the steps to take. If your intention isn’t in the right spot (if it’s in a negative mindset), the energy you put into your business isn’t going to be good energy. We want to be sure we have positive intention and what we’re doing is aligned with our core values.

For example, if someone comes up with an idea for your company’s event that doesn’t align with a primary value of your business, it’s best to not move forward with that idea. You only want to proceed with ideas that align with your energy and intention.

Intention is also important in our conversations. If you’re upset at someone (you’ve assigned a negative meaning), then you may attempt to hurt that person with your words for something that if you just took a moment to shift your perspective, you could realize that you assigned a meaning to it that didn’t really exist. We want to always be mindful of our intention.

When your perspective has shifted and the intention is there, inspired action is what results! You’re setting goals instead of random tasks that keep you busy  in a fear-based mindset and scarcity-based environment. Others want to take inspired action to be a part of this amazing thing that you’re creating and working towards. As a result, you’re able to delegate to people who truly care and will put great energy into making things happen.

If you can shift your perspective and make the choice to assign empowering meaning behind things… if you can have positive intention behind what you’re doing, then you can take inspired action. You can make absolutely anything happen and you can build a strong, inspired team of A-players.

These are my three keys to building amazing relationships and amazing teams. I hope these three things helped you and I hope you can use them in your everyday life no matter what you do.


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