What the Fear of Rejection Can Teach Us

Recently I had a client ask me, “Theresa, what has been the hardest part of building your business over the years?”

Is it…

Figuring out my Marketing

Managing my team

Creating regular content

Knowing what software to use

Understanding my numbers


Finding creative solutions to problems

The truth is all of these things light my soul on fire and fuel my passion. None of it feels heavy or confusing or frightening.

But you want to know what the hardest part of building my business (actually both of my businesses) has been? Fear of rejection and managing all of the self-doubt in between my two ears.

That little voice that shows up and says “no one will like your ideas, you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough to do the BIG things, people will laugh at you, it will totally flop”.

Over the years, I’ve had to work on managing these thoughts like many people I know and if I don’t they can hold me back from taking any action…which isn’t good for anyone.  In fact, not too long ago I bravely stood in front of a crowded room of fellow entrepreneurs and spoke about how my fear of rejection has held me back in the past. Now that was scary…

If you’re reading this you might be wishing you could do BIG things to grow your business, let go of the fear of people rejecting your ideas so you can bring innovation into your business, become a better leader, create more freedom in your schedule while still growing your income, actually take a vacation, take it from me…you can totally do this.  I did it and so can you.

The truth is from what I’ve learned over the years, is that when you open yourself up to the world, including being open to rejection and continuing to show up anyway, the world will open up to you. Try things, fail, get back up and try again.  On the road to doing something different in our business and achieving the “impossible” inevitably we will be faced with rejection, mistakes and failures.

But that’s ok, because that’s how we learn and get better at things.  That’s how we connect to our true passion, determination and grit to make our BIG dreams come true.  

And to the little voice inside your head that has been holding you back, peacefully tell it, “thank you, but it’s time to change this channel.”

It’s time to kick this fear to the curb and make your dreams happen!

Let’s do this!


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