If you want to build your business you need to learn how to lead your team

How would it feel if you could bring more customers in the door, increase your sales and make the competition irrelevant?  How would it feel if you can do less in a day or a week and still scale your business and reach your goals?

It’s absolutely possible…but you can’t do it alone and you shouldn’t.  If you want to build your business you need to learn how to lead your team.

One of the keys things you can do to grow your business is find good people.  Finding the right people, continuously nurturing their talents and most important aligning their strengths together will help you to scale faster than you ever thought possible.  In fact, building an aligned team with good people is just as important as having a clear vision and a strategic plan so you can scale your business.

So what is the key to building and motivating a great team?

Over the years I’ve built and managed many teams and now I’m building my own virtual team.  What I’ve observed and have practiced myself is the key building a great team is to listen and understand the value that each member brings to the table.  People often think that money is the ultimate motivator…guess again!

As Stephen Covey once said…

“The greatest need of a human being is to be understood, validated and appreciated”

No matter what you do or where you work being part of a healthy, motivated, high performing team with the ability to express their opinions and ideas is a big part in feeling fulfilled and happy.  Each of us has a strong desire to be heard emotionally and intellectually and ultimately feel valued.

So why do many small businesses find it so hard to manage people?

Most business owners are so focused on “staying busy” that they don’t take the time to listen and understand how to connect the team together and how to leverage each individual’s unique strengths.  They focus on trying to do everything themselves instead of letting the team find creative, new ways to find solutions to problems they may have been facing for years.

These 5 key pillars are things you can do today in your business to start building and motivating your team to become unstoppable.

  1. Communication – keeping lines of communication open so ideas can be shared, concerns can be addressed and new inspirations can come into the business.
  2. Connection – understanding each other’s unique gifts and how everyone can work together to build processes and ultimately make things happen.   
  3. Collaboration – working together to set processes up so everyone can work less and do so much more
  4. Creativity – keeping creativity flowing and letting everyone express their own creative genius
  5. Consistency – being consistent and accountable to each to make sure everyone is doing their part and carrying through on tasks.

When people can stay in their creative genius and use their gifts, amazing things can happen in your business.  The best practice you can do is listen, hear and let your people do what they do best. Find out what each individual’s inspirations, passions and frustrations are and let the magic unfold.


Keep Shining Your Light-