Building a Business Takes Hard Work But This Advice Will Get You Through The Tough Times

I was asked the other day by a friend starting and building a business, “what is the best advice you have for me just starting out?”

What kind of marketing should I start with?  What social media platform should I use? Should I get a logo and business cards?

My answer:  Learn to trust yourself, trust the universe and be open to the concept of absolutely anything is possible.  Learn to how to receive and not force things to happen (big mistake I made early on).  Learn to detach from whatever outcome or result want to achieve and focus on BEing.  If you don’t, you’ll always be chasing something that will continue to run away from you.

You can imagine the look on her face…what? No marketing strategy, no magic solution??

Here’s the truth.  Building a business takes hard work, grit and determination like no other.  The road gets tough and bumpy and you fall down…a lot. I realized recently that when I was first starting out I blocked the exact things I was trying to achieve and didn’t even realize I was doing it.  I hustled hard, tried to figure things out myself and it took me way longer than it probably should have. And all it lead to was burn out, frustration and anxiety and feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Are you in that place right now?  You’re working hard creating content, writing blog posts, greeting customers, scheduling your social posts so you stay consistent, working on learning FB Ads and failing miserably…and you feel like you’re just not getting anywhere.  

Hey, I totally get it.  At one point, I was there.  The ember that started my fire to build my dream began to lose its spark.  But I’m here to tell you that you’re different just like me. You’re a fighter and you don’t give up just like I didn’t give up.  

You believe in yourself and if you’re ember is burning out it’s ok as long as when you rise, you rise up as the entire flame.

So here’s something to think about…

Imagine what you could do if you completely and totally believed in yourself.  What if you let go of the stories you’ve been telling yourself that have kept you stuck and instead write a new story full of what’s possible.  Imagine what could happen if you lived every moment of every day from the vision you have for your life and your business instead of what your current circumstances are.  What if you could let go of the outcome your trying to achieve and just focus on BEing the person you need to be to get the results you want to get.

It’s totally possible and I know you are closer than you may think to achieving it.  It takes grit and determination and completely living into what’s possible every single day.

So how about we trust the process, enjoy the journey and believe in ourselves.  

Are you with me?  I know you are, I believe in you.  I’m here for you as you build the business of your dreams.


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