Episode 181 – What to Do with Challenging Employees


It’s easier to hold others accountable then it is to hold ourselves accountable. Most leaders don’t want to look at themselves first and ask, “Did I do everything to help this person?”. 

In today’s world, we’re seeing more of business owners who are struggling hard to find people to even just show up to work. When they do finally hire and train an employee, they might do everything in their power to ensure that they don’t quit—including performance feedback. If a job isn’t being done correctly, rather than rectify it by talking to the employee, they let it slide out of fear of scaring them off. But a job done poorly is worse than one not done at all. 

In today’s episode, Theresa discusses: 

  • The differences between training and behavioral issues in an employee 
  • The benefits of letting people fail 
  • How to empower rather than enable your employees 
  • Setting clear boundaries to benefit both you and your staff 

Sometimes, however, after we’ve done all we feel we can do as leaders, the person you’ve hired or placed in a certain position just might not be right for the business. When this happens, the best move is to part ways with this employee so that they can find their calling and you can fill the role with the right person.

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