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Episode 162 – What It Means to Be Sustainable in a Fad-Driven World


Creating a business that can grow and profit in the here and now is one thing, but to be able to move forward into unknown terrain and still be able to succeed despite the circumstance is how you create a sustainable one. 

It’s looking at the future and seeing how we can exist in it and also thrive in it all while preserving the things around us for generations to come. How can you adjust how you do business so that you are able to move forward and continue making a difference in the world? 

Start with the core values you, as a person, have and want to share with those around you. When those values are built into the foundation of your business, every decision there forward reflects those values and pushes them out into the universe. Sending out the right vibes attracts the right people, and those people will help you to carry your business forward to continue doing good for those around you.

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