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Thriving In Ambiguity or Uncertainty as a CEO

There’s no better feeling than leading your team with complete confidence and clear vision…

& on the flip side, there’s no worse feeling than failing to lead amidst ambiguity and uncertainty.

Understanding how to thrive as a CEO, despite ambiguity and uncertainty, are NECESSARY skills for the ever changing market our businesses operate in.

In this episode of The C-Suite Mentor, Theresa highlights the common tendency to avoid uncertainty and control outcomes, which often leads to stagnation and inhibits growth. She emphasizes the importance of embracing uncertainty as a catalyst for innovation, particularly in navigating challenges like market changes, technological advancements, and unforeseen crises such as COVID-19.

Key points discussed include:

  • Explore possibilities outside your industry and embrace creativity.
  • Reflect on challenges and crises to identify key learnings and refine strategies for future successes.
  • Embrace courage and take decisive steps forward, even without certainty of outcomes.

Welcome uncertainty. Stay curious. Keep forging ahead on your path to leadership excellence.


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