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Episode 183 – How I Handle Loneliness as an Entrepreneur


Being an entrepreneur can feel quite lonely at times. We’re a very, very small percentage of people that is willing to put themselves and their ideas out there into the world and hope that they like what we have to offer. And that is actually our super power. 

What we have to remember is that there will always be people who doubt or question what it is you’re doing; these people won’t ever understand. Our mindset, our perspective, and our drive to pursue our dreams and accomplish goals are what is going to actually manifest these successes. That, and a little help from some people that DO believe in what we’re trying to create, because we can’t do everything by ourselves, nor should we. 

In this week’s episode, Theresa discusses: 

  • How she navigates being a business owner and the lonely feeling that comes with it 
  • Understanding the realities of entrepreneurship 
  • Having the right team of people surrounding you to support and hold you accountable 

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