Overcoming Business Stagnation and Shaping the Future You Envision

Ever found yourself pondering why some business owners seem to put in endless hours without hitting that sweet spot of success?

As we’ve discussed, this is more common than we think. I’ve witnessed many talented and successful business owners operate within the confines of outdated rules while the world around them evolves at an unprecedented pace.

This issue is foundational, one that I quickly address with my clients.

It’s challenging to perceive it when you’re deeply entrenched in day-to-day operations.

The culprit? Stagnation – that lingering feeling that, despite all the hard work, something just isn’t clicking. 

So, today we’ll explore a key factor that often goes unnoticed: operating from outdated playbooks and the impact of stagnation on businesses.  

We’ll delve into the power of learning from the past to shape a brighter future and provide a three-step formula to unlock success. 

Stagnation Means Clinging to an Old Playbook 

In the dynamic landscape of business, clinging to an old playbook is akin to attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole. 

The world’s change has accelerated in the past few years, with factors like COVID, societal shifts, and personal struggles contributing to a more intricate environment. 

Many businesses resist updating their playbooks due to the comfort these strategies once provided. 


Those playbooks resulted in success in the past, and the thought of changing them represents a huge undertaking, both emotionally AND physically. 

Consider the analogy: You wouldn’t use the first car engine created in 1879 to build a car today.  

Similarly, attempting to navigate the contemporary business landscape using yesterday’s strategies can lead to inefficiency, missed opportunities, and a failure to meet the demands of the market. 

However, while YES, updating your playbooks takes work and intentionality, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

The secret? Using past learnings to shape future strategies. 

Learning from the Past to Shape the Future

So, if the way of doing business is changing at an accelerated rate, what’s the key to unlocking success in this fast-paced world? 

“The future is defined by those who learn from the past.” 

A phrase that might sound cliché but holds immense strategic value. This isn’t merely a catchy slogan; it’s a roadmap for success. 

Several years ago, I was visiting Northern Ireland, and I saw a sign with that exact phrase, which sparked a realization: our future is a canvas waiting for us to paint it with lessons from our history. 

Learning from the past isn’t just about acknowledging historical successes but also understanding failures and adapting strategies accordingly. 

It involves a two-fold process – emotional readiness for change and practical steps to update playbooks based on past learnings. 


Understanding the Challenges During Turbulent Times 

In a changing world, businesses face challenges like adapting to shifts and dealing with the weight of depression. Recognizing these struggles is the first step to recovering from them and overcoming business stagnation. 

1. Adapting to the Evolving Landscape: 

From what I’ve seen this year, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to adapt to the ever-shifting landscape. 

Businesses struggle to keep up with a shifting landscape.  

It’s like trying to dance to a new beat when you’re used to an old rhythm. Slow adjustment can lead to stagnation, putting a real damper on growth 

2. The Weight of Depression and Heaviness: 

It’s not just businesses feeling the blues – it’s the whole world.  

This emotional baggage can seep into decision-making, affecting creativity, innovation, and overall business resilience. 

3. Clinging to Outdated Strategies: 

Here’s the thing (and bear with me because I’m full of analogies today) … 

Relying on outdated strategies is like using a typewriter when everyone’s on a slick laptop.  

You risk inefficiency, missed opportunities, and not meeting the demands of today’s market.

Overcoming business stagnation becomes mission impossible when we don’t review our strategies.

(Ok, last one, I promise!) 

My Three-Step Formula to Use the Past for Growth 

Now, let’s talk solutions! Here’s a three-step formula to kick stagnation to the curb and pave the way for success: 

1. Reflect: 

  • Take a look at what worked and what didn’t. 
  • Check out your business, industry, and personal strengths and weaknesses. 
  • This analysis provides the foundation for creating strategies aligned with the present and future, creating a business that agile, adaptable, and resilient.  

2. Imagine:  

  • Take the time –and freedom—to dream big about the future you want. 
  • Dig into your business’s core values and dreams.  
  • This exercise helps shape a compelling story –not only for you but your team—guiding your business towards a future that aligns with your core values and aspirations. 

3. Build: 

  • Turn those dreams into reality with changes that match your vision. 
  • This will allow you to grow not just as a business but as the best leader you can be.  

The Power Trio to Building Resilience  

In a world filled with curveballs, the power trio of shifting perspectives, aligning actions with beliefs, and committing to the journey sets the stage for conquering adversities.  

It’s an invitation to step boldly into a future that exceeds your wildest dreams. 


Here’s the scoop – success in the business game is about learning from the past, updating strategies, and creating a vision that dances to your business’s rhythm.  

Embrace the change, build that resilience, and start overcoming business stagnation. 

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Let’s navigate stagnation and refresh our strategies! 

To your success!


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