Theresa Cantley


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Former Laboratory Equipment Marketing Director turned CEO and high level business coach Theresa Cantley built her business from scratch while still working full time and uses her real life experiences in scaling businesses to multiple 7 and 8 figures to help small business owners do the same.  She believes in making the impossible, possible and teaching others how to disrupt their industry and be a leader, not a follower.


Your Next Best Step ® Podcast

Theresa Cantley, a business resilience specialist and business coach reveals her strategies to help you “break out of the traditional mold” of small business and step into a new way of thinking about creating and implementing business strategies that bring more profitability into your business and freedom into your life.

From designing your own unique customer experience to building a healthy, wealthy culture your employees can thrive in, Theresa shares her knowledge of over the past 20 years building her own businesses as well as guiding others to build resilient, successful businesses.

Theresa’s interviews & features

Guest expert and speaker in the Enye Dream Accelerator

Expert guest panelist at the Virtual User’s Conference for Compeat Software

Featured in LV Style’s edition of “Women Who Move the Valley

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Theresa Cantley is the creator of The Business Growth Formula™, a 3 phase proprietary process that teaches small business owners to scale to profitably scale to 7 and 8 figures, The Business Resilience Blueprint™ which is a proven system to help businesses on the brink of failure go from surviving to thriving and the host of the Your Next Best Step™ Podcast which centers around real life experiences, solutions and coaching to help business owners go to the next level. Her philosophy is that adversity and diversity in your business gives you the chance to create your biggest innovations and ideas in your business that can ultimately change the world.

Her passion is helping overwhelmed, purpose driven small business owners build resilience, wealth and impact into their business so that they can grow their profitability, thrive in any market and create the freedom to live an extraordinary life.

After spending 20 years in corporate America she realized her life had a bigger purpose, left her job as a Director of Marketing and Operations and made the leap into her entrepreneurial journey opening a brick and mortar retail store.  After her business partner and husband were diagnosed with cancer at the same time she made the difficult decision to close down the retail store after 9 years and pivot into a new business.  Incorporating her years of experience building multi-million dollar businesses she now runs her own successful Business Strategy and Implementation Consulting business.

Over her career she’s helped many entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners build a resilient business with a foundation of “we create it, we live it and we give it” by streamlining processes, creating a healthy, wealthy, happy culture, designing a unique customer experience that is centered around market disruption and building connection and creating a vision for turning the impossible into limitless possibility.

She takes building her clients businesses as seriously as she takes building her own. The foundation of Theresa’s work centers around teaching business owners and their team to connect and interact in a more positive way because if we start there the simplest acts of giving and connection can ultimately change the world.






Booking Inquiries…

If you’re interested in having Theresa speak at an event or summit or to be a guest on your podcast please email and be sure to include your pitch sheet.

Our team will be in touch with you within 48 hours to discuss the potential opportunity and to see if it would be a good fit.

Topics to discuss…

  1. Entrepreneurship and the hurdles to overcome going from corporate to entrepreneur.
  2. The Business Resilience Blueprint, What you need to build a resilient business so you can thrive in any economy.
  3. Learning how to disrupt your industry and become the go to place.
  4. Attract, hire and retain a high powered team that let’s your business run smoothly.
  5. The super power of small – how to compete against big business as a small business.
  6. Building the WOW Factor into your business that gives you a unique customer experience and builds customers for life.
  7. Leadership – Becoming a next level leader and learning to let go
  8. Building multiple streams of income into a traditional brick and mortar business.
  9. Streamlining your business for maximum profitability by designing and implementing the new version of processes.