Building a Business

Make Better Things

“Make things better by making better things” is one of my favorite quotes by Seth Godin.

No matter what, stay consistent, keep showing up and keep creating. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible and it will never happen but believe me when I say, it absolutely will.

The work we are doing now will live on long after we post the blog, share a tweet or send out an email. We need to be in it for the long game, not the short-term because that’s when we can do our best work.

The insights we have inside us from mistakes we’ve made, failures we’ve had or even past employment, all shape our content. They give us perspective and spark the best thing ever – our ideas!

Don’t take shortcuts, don’t try to skimp out and by all means, don’t give up! Keep going, keep writing, keep blogging, keep showing up and don’t worry – the people you want to help will find you.

Be in the business of seeing how the world works. Be in it for the long term and not just a short glimpse.

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