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Life Is Hard Enough

Life is hard enough! Being hard on ourselves is not going to help us.

Many times, we want things to be perfect. We want things to go our way. So we create a plan and sometimes things don’t work out the way we expected. Then what happens? We get down on ourselves. We are hard on ourselves and think we are a failure.

We assign all of this meaning as to who we are, as well as to the thing that didn’t work out instead of saying: Ok, this idea didn’t work out but it happened for a reason and somewhere, there’s a lesson. What can I take away from this?

When it comes to business, we try new ways to market our products or services. We try Facebook ads or Google ads for the first time. We launch a product or a new event and get discouraged when we don’t have the amount of interest in those things that we expected.

We pick and choose the goals we want to achieve and when we don’t achieve them, we think there’s something wrong with us. We are assigning meaning to an outcome we really have no control over.

But when we are hard on ourselves – how does that help us?

Being hard on yourself and criticizing yourself only leads to disappointment and gets you nowhere positive. Instead, we can learn to not tie ourselves to expectations and just be grateful for what does happen in our life.

I’ve had bad experiences and mountains that I’ve had to climb. I used to be really hard on myself during these difficult times, but instead I’ve learned to look for the lesson.

Things don’t work out for a reason – not because we aren’t good enough. Maybe there are bigger and better things for us or maybe it simply is not the right time.

Whether we succeed or fail, we are being led to what we’re really intended to do.

So often, people solely focus on the product they’re selling in their business. When something doesn’t sell, they want to completely discount the price. Why not take a look at your offer and ask yourself if it’s something people really need. If so, is there a way to make it even better? Can you promote it in a different way? Do you need to change your messaging or the vehicle you’re using to get your message out? Maybe Instagram just isn’t where your customers spend time. Maybe your customers just aren’t interested in a certain product or service but you can figure out what they really do want.

Life is hard!

There are things that come up in life that are completely out of our control. We have a choice in every moment to ask ourselves important questions. Asking, why me? is not productive. Instead, we can be grateful for the experience and ask ourselves, what is the lesson I need to learn? How can I use my experiences and knowledge to better serve the people I’m intended to help?

Life is hard enough. Don’t be hard on yourself. Love yourself for who you are because you’re exactly where you need to be.

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