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Episode 31 – Keeping Promises You Make to Yourself


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Okay, onward and upward! Today we are going to talk about why it is so important to keep promises to yourself as a business owner. I wanted to talk about this topic because this is something that is near and dear to me because I personally struggled with this for years! It can easily become and stay a challenge for business owners everywhere.

Keeping promises to yourself becomes a challenge for a number of reasons. A lot of times this has to do with their core values, and that is why I dig into core values in my classes. Typically there are three core values in any team; responsibility, integrity, and commitment. What I see time and time again is that it is easy to stick to these three values when it comes to the rest of your team, it is harder to stay on point when it comes to just you.

This leads to complications in your team, and you–as the boss–getting easily frustrated and worked up. I ask my clients who feel this what, “when was the last time this felt easy?” Or “when did you not feel overwhelmed?” The answers are almost always when they were clear on what they were doing and where they were going. Knowing those priorities are game-changing.

What I have found is that it is easy to have these core values and priorities, but then there is a hiccup, a roadblock, something that throws us off course and *bam* we are off course and don’t know how to get back. You go off of the path that got you to where you were and you go back to being the boss that does it all and gets burned out, you drop the promises you made to yourself in order to cover everyone else and you get stuck.

Instead, if we focus on the promises you made to yourself you know what you need to do, you remain in a place of clarity and clarity allows you to make decisions from a point of power, knowledge, and strength.

However, most people don’t stay grounded in their commitments and instead give in to those self-limiting beliefs, and bad habits. I have a client who was burning herself out, not taking her scheduled vacations, and instead, she was working her employee’s shifts and personally calling others to make sure they were coming into work on time. It’s not that she is a bad boss, it is just that she gave up on her own promises and convictions and fell into the age-old trap.

Have you ever heard that adage, you can’t pour from an empty cup? This is exactly what happens to so may bosses. If you aren’t keeping promises to yourself and getting burned out, then you can’t help your team to excel. Build up your core values from within so you’re happy and ultimately your team is happier.

But when we lose that focus on what we need to do to keep integrity with ourselves, that’s the foundation for everything. Because, what ends up happening is when we don’t do that, our identity turns into someone who is always doing things for other people. Someone who can’t get ahead, someone who’s a doormat. And then what happens, you could see how the fear just starts to tumble and it starts to shift the beliefs that we have about ourselves.

So, you need to focus on you, and what you are doing for yourself to build up those core values and beliefs. Some people may say that that sounds selfish but it isn’t. If you aren’t at your happiest than you can’t help others be their happiest and most committed to themselves. When we try to take everything on, to fix everything for everyone else, we are taking away from ourselves. Trust me, I was in this position, I am a badge carrying fixer! I wanted to fix everything, I loved that I could, until I realized it was taking away from my own happiness and dreams. It is easier to say yes to fix everyone else’s problems because then you don’t need to face your own losses. If you aren’t committed to yourself, you won’t see those person failures on a regular basis. But I promise you, you have more potential, when you put yourself first you will be able to help others even more, and in a bigger way!

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