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How To Create Content That Stands Out From the Crowd and Stays True to You

Do you ever feel like you’re running, running and running and not sure what you’re actually running towards?  We only have so many hours in a day and now more than ever there are so many more things to do to get our message heard.  If you’re like me (and if you’re reading this I think you are) you have an important message to share with this world and you want your message to be heard…and seen.

Marketing today is different than it was years ago.  There are social media posts, email campaigns, lead magnets and the list goes on and on of things we need to consistently create (that word “consistent” sneaks up a lot.)  At times it can get really overwhelming and can be confusing.  When I work with clients I often get comments:

​​​​”I don’t know what to post”
“I have a creative block and can’t think of anything to write about”
“Since I can’t think of anything to write about I’m just going to copy XXX”

What happens is people end up posting just about anything with no thought behind it (which is super transparent) just to get something out there and ultimately they end up  wanting throw the towel in on creating anything.

Put the towel down and step in a little closer…

The posts you create, the content you write, the things you put out there are all a part of you and part of what makes your brand unique.  Your brand is made up of more than just your logo, your fonts and some colors.  It’s your unique experiences, your unique perspective, the impact you make and how you want people to feel about you and your business even when you’re not there.

If you struggle to create content that connects and is true to you and your business, you’re not alone out there.  Everyone goes through it.  If you’re one of those people that is just posting just to post (even pictures of your cat), not building your email list or creating blog posts because you think you don’t have anything interesting to say…THINK AGAIN!  I promise you this, while you still have breath, you will always have something interesting to say, share and talk about.

The most important principal when we are creating content is to remember that your content should be able to tell a story and communicate with the people you want to serve by building a “trust” or “like” factor first that will eventually blossom into building a super awesome relationship. Your brand should give people a feeling of who you are, how you can help and what you are about without you even being there.

So here’s my Top 7 tips to help you create better content that is authentic and connects to the people you ultimately want to help:

Tip #1 – Focus on what your unique strengths and what you do best

Tip #2 – Communicate YOU in all you do​​​​​​​.  No one has the same set of experiences that you have, no one shares the same perspective that you have either

Tip#3 – Know who you are speaking to.  Who is your ideal customer?  What impact can you make?

Tip#4 – Consistency is KEY.  You want to make sure you are communicating on a consistent basis AND you also want to make sure your message is consistent.  Consistent branding and color palettes are also super important

Tip#5 – Teach from your Experiences

Tip#6 – Believe in what you are doing with your whole heart

Tip#7 – Always think about the value you are providing to others

So let’s get this content party started! 

Download my “7 Easy Steps To Create Authentic Connect That Stands Out From the Rest”  for more on these tips and strategies you can start implementing today in your business.   Once you download this FREE guide you’ll be on your way to creating amazing content on a consistent basis. 

HINT – There are also some PRO Tips and a special BONUS Tip too!

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