It’s Always a Good Thing to Put Passion Behind All You Do…and Here’s Why

Do you feel like the New Year been off to a rocky start for you?  Did you start to slip a bit on your goals and maybe started focusing on the wrong things?  If you’re frustrated and feel like things aren’t going your way and aren’t working out, maybe you should try putting shifting your perspective to put passion and intention behind all you do.

Passion will always move you in the direction of your true self.  So many people approach things in their business without substance and intention behind them and end up an outcome instead of simply doing the things they’re passionate about and connected to.  Going down the road of pursuing something just to make money…well things don’t always go the way we want them to. What ends up happening is you get focused on the wrong things, and then your creative energy gets stifled, definitely not a place to be.  Inevitably, we get focused on trying to force things to happen instead of letting things come to us and just enjoying the journey.  And this leads us down a slippery slope towards unhappiness, frustration and potentially burnout.

When we can bring passion to absolutely everything that we do, we have the ability to shift our perspective and set the right intention behind what we’re doing.

So, Theresa what exactly does that mean?  It means that whether we are headed to an appointment, we’re working on a group project or we have a meeting with someone difficult, if we can tell ourselves in advance that no matter what, “I’m going to give this my all and absolutely bring joy to this moment. I’m going to be filled with positive energy”, things flow so much easier and ultimately you good about what you’re about to do.

One minor secret….

One of the key takeaways that will help us with this:  you don’t need to say yes to everything and everyone especially things that are not in alignment with what we are trying to do in our business and the difference we are trying to make.  Not everything is going to be your cup of tea and will be a good opportunity for you…and that’s totally perfect.  If you choose opportunities that align with the core purpose in your business you will be sure that bringing passion to everything you do will be a piece of cake.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s creating a marketing campaign, brushing your teeth, taking a walk, or having a meeting (whatever it is), decide in that moment that you are going to be happy about it and grateful (who wouldn’t be grateful about brushing your teeth??!!).  No matter what, you are going to show up and bring your all.

Second little secret…

This also comes in handy when things don’t go so smoothly and maybe a mistake happens…putting the right intention behind what we’re doing in advance helps us to see through the mistake and actually see the lesson or the blessing that is really there for us.  Believe me, it’s always there for us to see as long as we choose to see it.

Shifting our perspective and being intentional about what we’re doing will bring more happiness, gratitude and ease to your day…and to everyone’s day that you meet.  Ultimately, it also makes us feel better, we’re healthier and more ALIVE.  Let go of focusing on what you want the outcome to be and put more passion and effort into doing the amazing things you’re business was intended to do.

Whatever job you’re doing, whatever task you’re doing, or whatever goal you’re working on, make sure that you have passion, perspective and intention behind what it is you’re doing. That’s what will end up bringing you more of what you want to accomplish. It will end up helping you move through difficult struggles, and build that momentum so that you’ll be able to achieve the goals you want to achieve.