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So you’re ready to build a better business, leave an imprint on this world, and have time to live and breathe while you are doing it? Yes! I’m excited so let’s get going!

My style is all about teaching and empowering business owners and Entrepreneurs.  That means all of my packages are very interactive and “workshop style.” We connect, I will teach and guide you, then you will implement what you’ve learned.

When we connect again, we will review your progress and keep taking baby steps (or big steps) so you’re consistently moving forward.  As we go you will be learning things that you can implement and take action on immediately… and as one of my mentors once said, “Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”  So, if you’re ready to show up every day and do the work, here’s how we can work together.

Small Business Intensive

“Reboot Your Business” is a 6 week intensive designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to redefine their business, get organized and build a plan to increase revenue and profitability in the next 90 days.  This small group coaching program will tackle the “big picture” planning including redefining the vision for the business and building an executable growth strategy.  All the content for this program is built on the same framework that I use with my individual “one to one” coaching clients who have seen almost 20% growth in their businesses.

If you’re an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner who has hit a plateau, is struggling with cash flow or feels like they can’t build the right team, this is for you!

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Individual Consulting Services

Deep Dive (the Snorkel Trip) Strategy and Implementation Package

(ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses with less than 5 employees)

You had an idea, you put it together and started your business.  You’re now at a point where you’ve been working for some time on your business, you may never have really set things up right, you might not have systems in place to help you grow and you aren’t really sure how to start really building your brand and your business.  You aren’t sure what you need to do first and you definitely “don’t know what you don’t know.”  You aren’t ready to commit to a full consulting package yet.  You’re just looking for guidance on what right next step to take, how to build a plan that works for you and execute it in a way that doesn’t leave you stressed, bewildered and frustrated.

You came to the right place!  A “Deep Dive Strategy and Implementation” package is a little “lighter” but still packed full of value and customized to meet you where you are is more in line with what you are looking for.  Similar to going on a Scuba Trip in the middle of the ocean vs. going on a Snorkeling Trip close to the beach.

If this is more for you at this point in your journey here is how we can work together.  There are 3 parts to this package:  The Gain Clarity Discovery Session, the Take Action Strategy Session and the Stay on Track Accountability Sessions

Gain Clarity – Discovery Session

The purpose of a “Gain Clarity” discovery meeting (60 minute session), is to discuss your goals for your business, what are you struggling with the most right now and gather any questions you might have for moving forward.  We will look at what you’re currently doing to grow your business, what you’re using for software, what you’re currently working on, what’s working and not working in your business.  After our discussion, I’ll give you recommendations for what next best steps you can take.  All sessions will be conducted via Zoom Web Conference or in person (if you’re local to me).

Take Action – Strategy Session (must complete Discovery Session prior to starting this next phase)

This is a mini version of the “Deep Dive”, similar to Scuba Diving vs. Snorkeling.  After the Discovery Session the next step is to have a “Take Action” strategy meeting (90 minute session).  In this meeting I will present you with a 90 day strategy for your business that includes actionable strategies for 3 to 5 areas in your business that you can start working on immediately.  We will discuss the workflow systems in your business as well as the marketing and brand strategies you’re using.  This strategy may include tools, resources, and guides that can be executed immediately.  All sessions will be conducted via Zoom Web Conference or in person (if you’re local to me).

Stay on Track with Accountability Sessions

After our strategy session we will have “Stay Accountable” sessions (30 minute session), where we touch will base each week for 3 weeks (3 sessions) on how your are progressing based on what we discussed in your Get Focused Strategy Meeting.  We will track how you are doing with day to day tasks, how you are progressing towards your goals and if you’re struggling with anything.  If needed this a chance to adjust and maybe pivot to get you back on track.  I’ll give you recommendations for what next best steps you can take and possibly a few extra “snip-its” that might add an additional boost of momentum.  All sessions will be conducted via Zoom Web Conference in an “Ask Me Anything” format.

Deep Dive Strategy and Implementation Package – $1,997

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Working with Theresa on my new business start-up has been a huge blessing to me. She’s a tremendous help in planning and organizing my intentions and goals, and has really helped me in developing the concept and content for my business website and marketing aids. I would be lost without her skills as a copy editor!  Theresa is focused, talented and a pleasure to work with, and I can whole-heartedly recommend her to you with a strong “thumbs up” for guidance and direction in any phase of your business life and development.                                                     

Jean Curtis, Owner,  The Wig Lady on Wheels

Business and Marketing Consulting Session

Have a question and need some guidance to move forward?  Not sure how to do something with SEO?  Maybe you want to start a blog and aren’t sure where to begin?  Maybe you’re struggling with getting your team to communicate better so you can get stuff?  Sometimes, you just need an hour with someone that’s been there, done that and you can just get things from your head to paper to action.  That’s exactly what my “Business and Marketing Consulting Session” is all about.  You have the strategy, you have your goals, you just need a little guidance (longer than a 15 minute or 30 minute check-in) to work through a problem or learn how to do something quick and easy.

Marketing and Business Consulting Sessions – $250/hour

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Get Started and Clear Your Canvas

Have you always wanted to start a business? Do you have absolutely no idea where to start? Do you already have a business, but you feel stuck? Even worse, maybe you’re burned out and are thinking of throwing in the towel? Put the towel down. Don’t just “just google it” try clearing your canvas! My simple start-up guides and “how to” videos are a fun and easy way to get things rolling again, step by step! Each guide is simple to review and implement right away. The best part is when you build on each of them you are building the steps in the direction of where you want to go.

Get Started and Clear Your Canvas guides –  $29 each (COMING SOON!!)

Small Business Consulting Services

(ideal for businesses with 5 or more employees)

Get Focused Deep Dive – “The Scuba Dive”

This is a deep, detailed and thorough “dive” into your business where we will spend approximately one month together. During this time we will do a review of the “ins and outs” of your business, prioritize what matters most, and help you to gain clarity on what is truly important to you in order to live a life filled with purpose. What you will need to do:

  1. Fill out and return the application. Your application will be reviewed within 3 days and an initial 30 minute interview will be scheduled.
  2. The Initial 30-minute interview is to review application and do a “meet and greet” to see if this is a good fit for what you are looking for. At the completion of this meeting we will schedule the Discovery Meeting (if needed.)
  3. At the Discovery Meeting you will receive an intake form that must be completed and returned before moving forward.

What to expect at each meeting after the initial interview:

Discovery Meeting – An initial 90-minute meeting to go over goals and expectations. At this meeting, we will discuss current workflow systems in your business, current marketing and brand strategies being utilized, and anything else you want to discuss related to your business. We’ll look at your short-term and long-term goals, how you are aligning your business with your core values and your intention for working with me.

Building the Strategy – After our Discovery Meeting, I research your business, competitors, and resources to prepare a 90 -Day Business Development Strategy Plan for you that we discuss in detail at our next meeting. Within this strategy I identify the major areas you need to work on in your business to start as we create sustainable solutions tailored to your business. As you begin to prioritize what matters and figure things out, you’ll be empowered to succeed. This process typically takes 1 week or more depending on the size of the business.

Strategy Discussion Meeting – This meeting will run around 2 to 3 hours. I will give you recommendations with actionable strategies for 3 to 5 major areas that you will need to work on first. This will include tools, resources, and guides that can be executed immediately.  We will also identify any gaps in your business that might be holding you back, dissect the problems and build solutions for you to be profitable by fixing these areas.

Get Focused Deep Dive – Starting at $3,897 

 Yes!  I want to gain clarity, get focused and move forward


“Theresa always helps me to figure out my next step.  She has been able to see a bigger picture for my business than I was able to see.  She is very easy to work with, very positive and encouraging…even when I get frustrated.  She teaches me how to do things to empower me, the learner.  One of the things that has been helpful is learning social media and how to get in front of the right audience.”

-Deb Knight, owner of the Copper Partridge