The One Thing Great Leaders Start With to Keep Moving Forward…Staying Rooted In Their Why

Nothing in business is perfect.  And even more nothing in business goes EXACTLY as we want it and as we plan for it.

Inevitably, things just happen.  Things don’t work out the way we want them to.  Employees quit, projects fail and launches bomb.  

But we make the choice to keep going anyway.  We make the choice to not let failures hold us back but push us forward.  We create things that matter. We try things that we know might not work. We keep searching for solutions to problems and ideas that can move mountains.

We do it messy and we focus on getting it done instead of getting it perfect.   We lead with love and listen to hear.

Why do we do this?  Because we are rooted in our “why”.  It is the passion that keeps us going and helps us be resilient when we feel like giving up.

It’s what keeps us fighting for our dreams and reminds us that our success goes deeper than just sheer “luck”.

So let me ask you…

What is the reason WHY you get up every day?  

What is the reason WHY you push through mental and creative blocks?

What is the reason WHY you start again when an event doesn’t work or a marketing idea flops?

What is the reason WHY you set big hairy, scary goals or why you push “send” on that big pitch that makes the pit in your stomach feel gigantic?

It may be…

To pay my kids tuition.

To retire my spouse from a stressful corporate job.

To have FREEDOM to do what I want, when I want with the people I love.  

To never have to ask for permission to stay home and take care of my kids when they are sick, to watch their baseball games in the afternoon or to have a cup of coffee with a friend who needs support.  

When you stay connected and rooted to your Why you can create things that matter, find better solutions and create a deeper connection to the people who need what you do the most.

Keep shining your light!