Our Vision

We believe through our teaching, insights and how we connect and deliver content we can inspire greatness in others, inspire people to own their future and build for the next generation.Through this, we can change how society interacts and connects in a more positive and profound way. We can useour creativity and collaborations to create solutions and innovations that shift paradigms and perspectives so that we can transform and heal lives to ultimately change the world and build a legacy.

Our company and our mission is to create an inclusive community-oriented business that welcomes all individuals into an environment of celebrating diversity because from diversity is where great change and innovation is born.

Our Mission

We are a business strategy and implementation company.  We help over whelmed, purpose driven small business owners to build an inclusive culture, a strategy to scale to 7 or 8 figures and a unique customer experience that disrupts their industry standards and makes them the place to go, so that they can be more profitable, thrive in any economy and live a healthy, wealthy life.  

Here at Theresa Cantley, we value:

Inclusiveness – we respect and value all people including people of color, indigenous people, peoplewith all religions and ethnic backgrounds and the LGBTQ community

Diversity – we value diversity and the diverse experiences and backgrounds from all of our stakeholders:our employees, community and customers as that is where our most innovative ideas and solutions are created.

Integrity – When we make a promise to you we stick to that promise and we make good on our word.

 Team – Our team is one of the most important things in our business. It is our responsibility to make sure that everyone on our team is taken care of feels safe and has the ability to achieve their highest potential.

Mastery and Self Development – Mastery of skill is important to our team for you to be able to learn the needed skills and master your craft at any time, to be able to figure anything out and deliver again and again with excellence..

Fun – We work hard but it is also important that we take time to enjoy each other and have fun. It’s important to connect with each other in person or virtually no matter what the circumstance

Family – Family and health are always first.

We value diversity and inclusion so that all of our key stakeholders, especially our most valuablestakeholders our employees, feel safe, valued and heard.

We believe in creating an environment where all of our employees have the ability to master the skills oftheir craft, understand their individual purpose and the greater purpose of the business and can sharetheir ideas, concerns and suggestions in a judgement free zone. Through this our employees can feelempowered and take ownership of their role within the organization to further the vision of thebusiness.

Our organization will continue to be a stand for the advancement of racial equality and social reform through education, compassion, empathy and understanding. Therefore, we have a “no tolerance” policy for the following:

  • discrimination of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, political views
  • violent behavior towards other individuals or creating a hostile work environment
  • harassment or sexual harassment of any individuals within the organization or community
  • substance abuse of any kind

Through our core values of inclusiveness, diversity, integrity team, mastery and self development, fun, family our goal is to instill responsibility, pride, trust and dedication with all employees including the owner and CEO. From this internal philosophy we can impact our community and make a difference.