Working for years at a corporate job that didn’t value my skills and knowledge and routinely took advantage of me, I get why so many employees are “quiet quitting” their jobs. The pandemic really helped to expose a lot of bad ways in which businesses were functioning and employee wellness (both physical and mental) started to become more of a priority. 

I’m not an advocate for quiet quitting, nor do I condone it, but it’s presence is a chance for us as business owners to take a look at how we run things and whether or not we could be doing better for the people that work for us. 

If our employees are not happy in their jobs, is it something we can help to improve? Are we the cause of the unhappiness? Or is this person simply not right for this role? Taking the time to decipher the real issues and working towards solving them is what our focus should be on in order to progress. 

Stay tuned for the launch of my new Business Masters Advisory Board, where local and small business owners can apply to be a part of the board of directors to meet regularly, collaborate, and help each other to do better and be better for the communities we live in and are a part of. 

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