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Well, hey there! I’m Theresa. I’m a creative problem solver, business, brand and marketing strategist, and an eternal optimist at heart. I am hugely passionate about helping you to re-energize your brand (and really YOU) to build a more meaningful business and life that creates a community and leaves an imprint on this world.  Keep this in mind… absolutely anything is possible with a little creativity and an unstoppable belief that you can figure anything thing out.


I’ve always been fascinated with the creative mind, dreaming big, and solving problems. I was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, the youngest of three. While my sister and brother were super book smart, athletic, and knew exactly what they wanted to do, I was a creative, I had my own style, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life — which drove my parents crazy.  School was hard for me because I wasn’t particularly interested in the subjects, and I couldn’t focus long enough to get through a class period.  I was super passionate about a multitude of things, including dancing, being an actress, designing clothing, sewing, meditation, being a lawyer, rap and hip hop music, Harley Davidson motorcycles (true story) and, without a doubt, figuring out how to make my crazy, far-out dreams happen.

I was also particularly fascinated with meeting new people and listening to their stories, especially when they were about overcoming struggles and the power of the human spirit.  I learned that no matter what obstacle or struggle I faced, I could pick myself up, keep going and figure it out along the way.

No matter what I dreamed, I was going to find a way to make it happen. I’m a believer in the power of the human spirit and my goal is to help others dream big, too. 

After spending more than 20 years in Corporate America with several instances of old-school bosses trying to fit me into a box (I’VE GOT SERIOUS CURVES AND THEY DON’T FIT INTO A BOX!!), to working in higher education to pay my way through college, to the crazy world of Group Health and Life Insurance, to teaching Cardio Kickboxing and Water Aerobics to building a Marketing Department in Research Laboratory Equipment, I found that being creative and having those unique set of gifts was actually a super strength and not one that was being utilized, sitting in a windowless office every day.

Out of the desire to use my creativity and the unique gifts that I was given, and to try and let “burnout get the best of me”, my Entrepreneurial journey began one day when a dear friend of mine and I decided to open an Artisan retail store while we were still working in the windowless offices (marketing and writing about lab equipment just wasn’t filling my soul with joy).

A week later, after a rare and life-threatening injury (a vertebral artery dissection) I was done with the boring box and figured “that was the sign I needed.”  It was time to use the unique, fun, creative gifts that God gave me… and I was out of there. I am definite proof that absolutely anything is possible and, no matter what your struggle, you can figure ANYTHING out.


Theresa Cantley-Take the First StepI am a firm believer that with anything you do, you have to be all in… no dipping your toe in the water.  For entrepreneurs who are burned out and stuck, who aren’t sure how to move forward, I’ve been there and I am here to help you realize absolutely anything is possible. You were given your unique gifts and strengths, and you are meant to embrace them. SET YOUR SOUL ON FIRE WITH PASSION, CREATIVITY, AND DRIVE. You can leave your imprint on the world. You were called to this crazy role of being an entrepreneur for a reason — to solve a problem, make a meaningful business, and to pay it forward. 

Put the towel down.
If the thought of trying one more gimmick, creating another coupon, or running one more “flash sale” makes you exhausted and want to throw in the towel, I say to you “put the towel down.”  Together we can breathe life into your brand again by creating simple systems and innovative brand and marketing strategies that create excitement, start a buzz, and make your business irresistible.  All you need is a little creativity, some Visioneering, and a shift in your mindset.

My commitment is to consistently bring you motivational tools, creative marketing strategies, some fancy dancing moves (and humor!), but, most importantly, my personal attention.  I am here to teach you how you can take actionable steps to create space and freedom in your business, and your life, to do what you LOVE. That is what I’m passionate about.  

I am so very grateful for all of the mentors that guided me along my journey. They include Chalene Johnson, Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, Mindy Lawhorne and James Wedmore. They inspired me to BE MORE and to make a difference.  I know I am here to pay it forward, to inspire and teach others to build a better business — filled with heart, soul and personality.

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